Strategies for Russian Traditions

Despite a long and harsh good war, low income and innovation, Russians continue to be deeply dedicated with their cultural traditions. This is evident in the way they live their lives today, keeping and boosting old traditions even though embracing new ones.

Traditions that date back to the earliest times of Russia will be woven into the fabric of the country’s rich ethnic heritage. Included in this are the religious beliefs of Orthodox Christianity, paganism and many more customs and festivals that continue to prosper in The ussr.

Holiday in Italy

A traditional celebration for the birth of Christ, Christmas is an important Christian holiday that is celebrated country wide on January several. It is also the most widely observed wintertime festival in Russia, and is a time meant for giving gift ideas, eating exceptional foods and spending time with family.

Maslenitsa (Shrovetide)

The Russian version of Shrovetide, or Body fat Tuesday, is a popular tradition in which people fast to prepare for Easter. It is a mix of pagan and Christian holidays, and folks sometimes jump over a bonfire or sing tunes on the day.

Ivan Kupala

The pagan god of summer fertility, Ivan Kupala, is a much loved figure in Russian culture. He’s a popular deity in non-urban areas, and people still reverance him with bonfires.

Admiration for Elders

In The ussr, it is customary to give up your seat on a train or bus for an elderly person, despite the fact that are not traveling with them. This is because this is thought that an elderly person is probably not able to mean long.

Do Not Use Your Shoes Outside

When you visit a Russian residence, it is important to leave the shoes on the ground. This is to prevent making the space too heavy and resulting in bad luck.

Be aware that if you take your shoes off at an entrance to a house or perhaps apartment, it can be looked at as being fresh. You may be asked to change your shoes, or presented a pair of tapochki, which are the sturdiest house slippers available in Russia.

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Would not Bring Green Flowers

It really is believed that yellow flowers are a sign of betrayal or separation, so it is not appropriate to get them to an eastern european wedding.

Do not Bring A Purse – It truly is considered misfortune to take an empty purse on a trip.

Keep a Bottle of Water available

It is common to consume water each and every meal in Russia, and drinking a glass prior to a meal is definitely thought of as all the best. It is also essential to drink via a drinking water glass at the end of each meal.

Dress Well

In the past, it was prevalent for women put on brightly colored, short dresses and skirts when they were pregnant. However , it has adjusted with the increase of developed influences, and now females usually be dressed in a more conservative outfit when pregnant or nursing.

Be Respectful – Do not disrupt the host when they are talking with someone else in the table.

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