Spiritual Competition

“The primary lesson for life must be implanted in the soul from the earliest age. The primary lesson for children is to know the eternal God, the One who gives everlasting life.” Saint Clement of Alexandria

Al Keraza Festival, or “Mahragan Al Keraza”, originated in the motherland of Egypt under the guidance of His Holiness Pope Shenouda III. Today, Coptic Orthodox churches from all over the world participate in the competition in many different languages. Al Keraza Los Angeles Festival is the Diocese chapter of “Mahragan Al Keraza”, and is similar in nature to the Diocese Youth Spiritual Competition, but for elementary school children and adults. It started in the year 2009 as a way of encouraging our elementary school children to grow in their faith. The competition is used as a fun way of promoting deeper study and understanding in selected areas: Hymns, Coptic Language, Bible Study, and Church Studies. Through God’s enormous help and the prayers of our blessed shepherd H.E. Metropolitan Serapion, the previous years of Al Keraza LA competition have been a great success and it has been growing continuously over the years.

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