Great Lent Resources

Weekly Readings of Great Lent
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  1. Week 1 (Arabic / English)
    Week 2 (Arabic / English)
    Week 3 (Arabic / English)
    Week 4 (Arabic / English)
    Week 5 (Arabic / English)
    Week 6 (Arabic / English)
    Week 7 (Arabic / English)

Bible Reading Plan

Daily Journey through Lent with the Early Church (Click HERE)

A glimpse into the beauty of the early church's perspective of lent. Taste the depth and richness of this daily study by reading God's word during our journey through lent. Dig up the treasures of the early church fathers and bring this ancient faith to your every day life.


Recommended Reading



Click below to listen to Lenten reflections and sermons complied by Upper Room media.

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