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Write Your Congressman

I know many of you have already heard about the killings of Christians in Egypt and Iraq. We have a duty to our brothers and sisters in both these countries to raise awareness of their plight.

One of the easiest ways to do so is to write your Congressman. Attached is a document that states who is your congressman based on where you live and how you can contact them. Also attached is a template already written to a congressman regarding this issue. Simply change the name to your appropriate congressman, add your signature and then send the document (unless of course you wish to write your own personal letter to your congressman).

Don’t miss this chance to help so many people who are reeling and in need of our support. God bless you all.


Building a Well In Africa

Christ says when I was thirsty you gave me drink. Over a billion people have no access to clean disease free water. We can make a difference. We are raising funds to build a well for a village in Africa. It will supply water for a whole village for at least 10 years and save lives and help alieve poverty and water borne- illnesses. We need to raise $6500. If 100 people are willing to raise $65 each or are willing to donate $6/month for 11 months we will reach our goal. To make a tax free donation go to To help with the fundraiser contact Mark Girguis at