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Saint John Coptic Orthodox Church

21329 East Cienega Avenue

Covina, CA 91724

Tel: (909) 592-8847

Fax: (909) 305-1025

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For church use only:

Wedding Policy

  1. Do not attach, paste, fix, bond, or glue to the pews or the carpet.
  2. Use free stand for decoration, but the bottom of the stands must not mark the carpet.
  3. Make certain the water in the flowers do not drip onto the carpet.
  4. No one should enter the holy altar with shoes.
  5. Nothing may be attached to the walls or doors.
  6. No furniture may be moved or altered without permission.
  7. Times of any set-ups must be given to church wedding representative in advance.
  8. The church will be cleaned prior to the date of wedding, any items left from decoration is the responsibility of the wedding party to clean.

We have read and agree to comply with the above policies set by Saint John Coptic Orthodox Church.

Wedding Fees

  1. Wedding Host Fee: $500 (limit two hours - not refundable).
  2. Cleaning Fee: $500 Cleaning deposit and for any damage to the church.
  3. More than 2 hours: $250 deposit if the wedding exceeds the two hours limit.
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