The National ID Committee لجنة الرقم القومي

In order to get the National ID, you need to register first with the Egyptian Consulate in LA, enter your contact information and indicate your date preference on the consulate website at:
Attached is a copy of the instructions and a list of the required documents (it is also on the website).
Please make sure that you register at their website and select your date preference.
The consulate’s address is:
Consulate General of Egypt in Los Angeles
4929 Wilshire Blvd, Suite #300
Los Angeles, CA 90010
Telephone: 323-933-9700
Following is a list of the required documents:
1- Egyptian Birthday certificate
2- Egyptian Passport (valid or expired)
3- Marriage certificate
4- Bill of any utilities (electric, Gas, water) to prove the address inside Egypt
5- Bill of any utilities (electric, Gas, water) to prove the address in the State
6- Evidence of employment in the States
7- Evidence of employment in Egypt if possible
NOTE: any documents presented to the consulate from any U.S. governmental agencies must be notarized and validated by the Egyptian consulate.
Please also Note:
– $75 Money order or Cashier’s Check for each ID
– You must call to schedule an appointment before you go
– It is strongly recommended to make a copy of your documents before submitting them.
Attached is copy of the National ID form in case you want to prepare the information before going, but you will still need to buy the original form ($75) there and fill it out.

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